How to choose wall paint colour

If you are not renovating the whole house but only wanting to refresh your rooms, creating a different ambience, here are a few tips on choosing your wall paint colour.

1.  Write down your favorite colours on a piece of paper.

Dulux colour palette2.  Look through the Dulux Colour Palette, put a tab on the colours you like from the palette. (Right)

3.  Note you should only pick maximum three potential colours for each room.

4.  Don’t forget to match your wall paint colour with your existing flooring, furnitures and curtain / blinds in the room!

5.  Make your final decisions, write down the paint code and names, and request colour board sample from Dulux. (Below).

6.  The colour board is not an actual board but a A5 paper-painted sheet.

7.  Put the colour board against the wall, and check the colour out in morning, afternoon and evening light to ensure it is the colour you had in mind.

8.  Another option is to get a painter to buy the can of paint and paint an area on the wall to see it looks on the wall. Of course, this option is more expensive due to the painter labour cost and purchasing the cans of paint. This option is the best though as you can paint an area larger than the A5 colour board which might not give you an overall ambience.


Colour board sample





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