Why You need a Dehumidifier

Unless you use air conditioner throughout the year, then it is wise to have a dehumidifier at home.

Why should you buy a dehumidifier?

1.  Keep the moist in the air at a comfortable level.

2.  Humid indoor air damages your furnishings.

3.  Humidity promotes the growth of mold, especially on walls and clothes.

4.  Humidity increases the risk of respiratory illnesses.

5.  Humidity provides the optimal environment for pests such as termites and dust mites.

6.  Drying laundry inside the house releases an additional 1.8 litres of water into the air, a three-years research done by the Mackintosh Environmental Architecture Research Unit at the Glasgow School of Art.

7.  You feel hot and sticky because the natural cooling evaporation of moisture from your skin is slowed down when air is humid.

Highly recommend the following dehumidifier.

Mitsubishi MJ-E152AF-H

Mitsubishi MJ-E152AF-H

Mitsubishi MJ-E152AF-H

#  Dehumidifying capacity: 25L/Day (30°C, 80%)

#  Dehumidifying capacity: 15.2L (26.7°C, 60%)

#  Water tank capacity: 4.7L

#  Intelligent laundry

#  Night laundry

#  Bathroom mildew guard

#  1-9 hour On/Off timer


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