Stepping into… a Bachelor Pad

Happy New Year 2016! This year we will be adding a new category – Today’s Visit to Interiors HK, where we visit some of the most interesting residential and commercial spaces.

This one bedroom apartment is 500 square feet, including a terrace.

Owner M.H. often travels and therefore he likes to keep his home simple and neat. He has added a white brick wall as feature wall in the bedroom and uses a mirror cabinet door to make the room looks bigger than its size.  The room also has its own terrace.


Owner did not want to waste the corridor space, yet he did not want to make any huge cabinet storage which would make the space even smaller.  Therefore he has added a table in cases where he needed to work from home.


The bathroom is small. Owner has made a bigger window, allowing more natural light from terrace going into the bathroom, which in turns will make the space more comfortable and brighter.

As I am standing inside the bathroom, I did notice there is a car park in the next building and clearly if there are people at the car park they can see in here too. M.H. said he has not notice people staring over and since the window is only half height, outsiders can only see the upper part of the body!  This bathroom is certainly fit for a guy only!


A foldable wall-hung table has been set up in the open kitchen for breakfast, which also acts as a bar bench when friends come over for drinks.


Owner loves inviting friends over for a gathering on the weekends and therefore has set up table and chairs outside his terrace.

M.H. is planning to get a bigger pad and will most likely rent this one bedroom out. Thank you M.H. for sharing your bachelor pad and we wish you will find your next pad soon.



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