Funky Pet Furniture

It seems there are always only limited choices when it comes to pet furniture.  Once in a while we would like to buy a new bed for our pets but there are just nothing that catches our eyes.  There are usually two options: either wait and keep looking for something funky or buy the same bed in a different colour.

Pet owners, wait no more as there are designers out there spicing up pet furniture.


Duplex designed by Constance Guisset

An unusual combination of the birdcage and the aquarium.  This beautiful piece is called Duplex designed by Constance Guisset.  The aquarium is thermoformed to create a space where a bird in the cage below can fly in and be at the same visual level as the fish.

True surreal.



Hammock designed by Koichi Futatsumata

This coffee table is certainly for cat lovers.  With a glass table top you can enjoy a clear view of your cat resting on the hammock.  Designer Koichi Futatsumata has created a minimalism furniture with combined usage.


bunny & hamster hutch

Bunny & Hamster Hutch designed by Marc Ange and Fred Stouls

This stand alone pet furniture is designed for bunnies and hamsters.  I hope the design company Chimère Paris will also manufacture a variation of this without the table legs for home owners with limited space.  But then being a stand alone piece  is what makes it stand out, isn’t it?


outdoor dog chaise lounger

Outdoor Dog Chaise Lounger by The Refined Canine

This award-winning Outdoor Dog Chaise Lounger is made of waterproof poly rattan material and includes a comfortable 3″ thick outdoor cushion.  Even I  want to relax myself on it.


rocking birdcage

Rocking Birdcage designed by Marc Ange and Fred Stouls

This birdcage is not for the faint-hearted birdies.  It is called the Rocking Birdcage (self-explanatory) designed by Marc Ange and Fred Stouls.


dog pod

Dog Pod designed by Glenn Ross

Made from birch ply and comes with a choice of veneer, this pet furniture will easily blend into any room without loosing its uniqueness.  The pad (the furry white mat) is removable, washable and ultimately replaceable when it becomes too worn.  Though it is called the Dog Pod, I think cats will like it too.  Good for small to medium size pets.



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