How to Keep Your Shower Glass Door Clean

When walking through show flats we always see spotless shower glass door in the brand new bathroom which, in reality, the shower glass door at home often have water spots and streaks from our daily use.


Of course if you have a house helper you can have a sparkling clean shower glass door anytime. But not all of us have house helper right? The good news is even if we don’t have a house helper we can still have a spotless shower glass door like the ones seen at show flat.

The simple tools to help the glass stay clear and sparkling are squeegees and microfibre cloths.

By wiping down the shower glass door after each use with a squeegee, will remove residue before it hardens and will keep water from sitting too long on the glass. For harder to remove residue, microfiber cloths work best against accumulated water spots and buildups.





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