Rainy Season Checklist

Rainy season is in Hong Kong again!  Take a look at the checklist below and make sure your home is ready for this stormy summer.


Doormat at entrance

1.  Place large doormat and leave footwear at the entrance area will help keep damp and dirt from outside.

2.  Keep your windows closed when humidity is over 80%.  Turn on your fan / air-conditioner to keep your home well ventilated.

3.  Keeping plants indoor during rainy season will increase the dampness in the air inside your home.  Ensure you check your home humidity level and turn on your dehumidifier when necessary.

4.  Use neem leaves and cloves to keep insects such as silver fish from home.

5.  Place interior dehumidifier into wardrobes and cupboards, keeping them dry and smelling damp. (Right)

Interior dehumidifier

Interior dehumidifier

6.  Hire a registered minor works contractor (RMWC) to inspect and ensure all windows are safe, leak-proof and carry out repair works if necessary.

7.  If there are any signs of termites infestation, seek professional services to destroy termites completely.

8.  Try to avoid painting your walls during wet season.




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