Portable Electric Heaters

Hong Kong is situated just south of the Tropic of Cancer and has a humid subtropical climate. Though the average low temperature is 14°C in January, there are occasional cold front which brings strong, cooling winds from the north.

I have had clients who requested floor heating when renovating their apartments, but generally portable electric heaters, air conditioner with heating function and towel warmer will do the trick in Hong Kong.

There are three main kinds of portable electric heaters: fan heater, radiant heater and oil-filled radiators.


Fan Heater

PROS: Quick to heat up and cool; blow the heat directly to where it is needed; best for small room; relatively use up small amount of space; and less expensive.

CONS: Fans create noise; lighter and smaller body makes it easy to over turn or tip over; makes surrounding more dry as the air blown out by fan are absorbing the moisture in air; cannot heat up a large room; and traditional fan heaters do not have automatic power off function.


Radiant Heater

Radiant Heater

PROS: Heat up and cool down more quickly; more focused heating as it simply radiate the heat they generate to surrounding objects, much like a campfire ; and more quiet.

CONS: Not the best heater for large spaces; and dangerous if you have children around as its surface gets hotter.


Oil-filled heater

Oil-filled Radiator

PROS: Best for larger rooms; child safe; no change in humidity; and very quiet.

CONS: Takes longer to heat up; bigger body size and weight; and more expensive.


Electric heaters come in a huge variety of designs and types and no matter which type of heater you choose, remember it is best to have the following heater features:

  • Thermostatic control – the capability of switching themselves off once a particular temperature has been reached. This helps maintain an even temperature and conserve electricity.
  • Timers – allow you to turn a heater on to warm up the kitchen before you get up, or to turn a heater off after you have gone to bed.

Also remember there should be plenty of space around individual heating devices.



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