Hong Kong is a shopping heaven. Shops open seven days a week and close late at 10pm. Clothes, shoes, watches, jewelry, technology gadgets, korean and japanese skin care products, branded and fake goods.  You name it and Hong Kong will most likely has it.  Not to mention there are no GST imposed yet.

However, when it comes to shopping for your home, whether it is furniture, decoration or down to details like door handle style and light tube for wall lights, there seemed to be limited selections and sometimes not available at all!  Especially at new apartment buildings, all you see these days are the same style of kitchen cabinets, room layouts and spacing.  At friend’s house you will see one or two items that are made from the famous Swedish ready-to assemble furniture company.

Is it really there are no choices or we just don’t have time to find them?  Let’s discover together what there are in Hong Kong.  Keep exploring, get inspirational and awake our internal minds.