Fun Posters for Kids to Learn Alphabet

Check out this poster – a collection of furry creatures shaped like the 26 letters of the alphabet.  Kids will enjoy the alphabet, colors, shapes, and word associations (“R” is for Racoon), that are camouflaged into the poster.  Designed by Wee … Continue reading

Koubachi App – Personal Plant Care Assistant

Whether you are an expert in growing plants or beginner in planting, Koubachi app will help you monitor your plant, remind you when to water your plant and fertilize them.  It is useful as not all plants need to be … Continue reading

What’s your favourite colour?

Merry Christmas! Let’s bring some colour into this merry season! Renova is known as “the black toilet paper company”.  An European brand produces paper consumption goods and first launched black toilet paper in 2005.  “Cool” was the word that came … Continue reading

What time is it?

A handsome clock will light up a wall in any room.   RND Time Wall Clock stands for random time.  The plastic cubes can be positioned randomly on the wall to create your own design!  The clock comes in three … Continue reading

Homewares and Accessories in Black!

If you love black colour then you will love these items. It is always fun to play with colours at home. Even for small spaces, black can play a good part combining the right lightings.           … Continue reading