How to make small spaces look bigger?

Often I have been asked on how to optimize spaces in small apartments.  Here are a few ideas: 1.  Unclutter your space This is almost always the number one rule.  Remember when you first step into your beautiful renovated home? … Continue reading

Stepping into… Vitra Design Museum

  The Vitra Design Museum, founded in 1989 by Vitra CEO Rolf Fehlbaum, is a heaven for designer chair lovers as it is internationally renowned for its world’s largest collections of modern furniture design.     Located in Weil am Rhein, … Continue reading

Iconic Bubble Chair

Created in 1968 by Finnish designer Eero Aarnio, the Bubble Chair serves as a classic example of space-age design, and continues to add fun and excitement to well-furnished living rooms and lounges around the world. The Bubble Chair was actually … Continue reading

Fun Posters for Kids to Learn Alphabet

Check out this poster – a collection of furry creatures shaped like the 26 letters of the alphabet.  Kids will enjoy the alphabet, colors, shapes, and word associations (“R” is for Racoon), that are camouflaged into the poster.  Designed by Wee … Continue reading

Tiles “R” Value

  Anti slip floor tiles are given a resistance rating to help grade the non slip level differed by a particular tile. This is known as the “R” value.         R9 and R10 values are often used … Continue reading